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What We Do in Zimbabwe

Like many developing countries, especially those in sub-Saharan Africa, Zimbabwe does not have a social care programme. Social care needs and social care problems are addressed by the family (nuclear and extended) or the clan in the absence of a government organised social care programme. People provide care for their elderly, physical disabled and people living with long term medical conditions and/or those dying at home without the basic equipment and only willingness to care.  


Ness M Care Foundation (NMF) was founded to promote and support activities around Social Care. NMF is proud to be a part of maintaining and developing this wonderful Zimbabwean culture that seeks to maintain social inclusion of people with care needs.

NMF supplies basic care equipment that these dedicated families and community members need. NMF also provides training on how to effectively use the equipment in order to get the maximum benefit. NMF offers ongoing support in reviewing the care delivery and equipment as the person’s needs change.

NMF has started with small steps and is now inviting your support. ​​

Zimbabwe: Welcome

Ground Level

Whether you are in Bulawayo or travelling to Bulawayo and wish to know more about our work or wish to get involved at ground level


You have access to or have the basic care equipment to donate or ideas of where to source including logistics ideas and means of getting the much needed equipment to the people we support


Financial donations are urgently needed to keep us moving forward.

Organisational support by making NMF your Charity of the Year or having a fund-raising events.

Join Us

Become our Ambassador as an individual or organisation!

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