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Meet Our Volunteers



Communications & Marketing

''Social sustainability is one of my biggest passions- and volunteering to alleviate ageism, elder social isolation, and loneliness, is a fantastic way to contribute to it. I joined NMF in March 2021 and have already learnt so much about the challenges people in the older demographic face, how they are intertwined with our systems of governance, and the space charities ought to try and occupy to best help people. This charity has a lot to offer, and I've thoroughly enjoyed being a small piece of the puzzle!''



Communications & Marketing

''I've always had a passion for creativity and helping people. So by combining the two it has really helped me, by showcasing my knowledge and skills I already have for Ness M Care Foundation. I wanted to do my part by supporting this charity.''  

Working with Laptop


Communications & Marketing

''I have seen first-hand how vital, challenging and often undervalued caring work can be, and volunteering with NMF gives me an opportunity to lend my support. The capacity to live independently as we get older also cannot be overstated.''

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