Our Services

Here at Ness M Foundation we offer a range of services to help improve the lives of people across Peterborough.

Walking Sticks

Community Walking Group

NMF are launching a community walking group in Peterborough to encourage residents to build up their social connections, whilst boosting their mental and physical health.
By socially including everyone on each community walk no matter their physical ability, we hope to bring people in similar situations together to create long-lasting friendships, whilst reaping the benefits of gentle exercise. 
Volunteer community walk leaders will undergo free first aid training, as well as instruction on how to deliver a community walk, ensuring that each participant’s needs are fully looked after. Community walk leaders will also be trained in how to deliver 1:1 walks for people who have limited mobility. 

If you are interested in joining a community walk in Peterborough or would like to request a 1:1 walk, please call NMF on 01733 570999.


Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about becoming a community walk leader, please click here for more details and how to apply.

Thanks to Living Sport for funding our project. 

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Buddy-Up Project

This project aims to support adults at risk by building up their social contact. This can include face-to-face companionship through a range of activities (like walks in the park, going to the supermarket or meeting at a café etc.), well-being calls from volunteers, or access to professional therapy.

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Ubuntu Coffee Mornings

Our monthly coffee mornings encourage those who are socially isolated (due to receiving or delivering care at home) to build lasting relationships and friendships with people in similar situations in Peterborough and the surrounding area over a cup of coffee, a slice of cake, and some table games. Everyone is welcomed to join us for an afternoon packed with laughter, good conversation, tasty treats and a great community spirit.


We named our coffee mornings after the African philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’ which places emphasis on 'being self through others’, as we recognise that no-one in society should be left behind.


RISE Project

Ness M Care Foundation now provides funding for people living in the Peterborough area who are unable to fund their own therapy. The aim of this project is to support people so that they are capable of living a fulfilling life.

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Defibrillators - At the Heart of Our Community

Ness M Care Foundation have installed a defibrillator outside Ness M Care Services' office in Peterborough. This is life-saving equipment worth seeing or knowing about. Defibrillators are often installed within buildings, with limited access to the public. We wanted to ensure that this defibrillator is open and available to the public at any time of the day. A few training sessions have already been organised by The Foundation in partnership with NHS East of England Ambulance Services who provide the trainers. It is our aim to hold training sessions for the local community in order to increase the awareness and to ensure that people know how to use the defibrillator should the need arise.